False delete

In the customer do not pay attention to the situation or gross negligence, may also be Trojan program will material deleted, diamond electronic can help you find.

Error format

Users in the system after the collapse, and then will be hard disk formatting and reinstall the system, this kind of situation usually also can restore. There are users loading system, with a floppy disk or CD start to DOS, then FORMAT C: formatting after the restart, but into the WINDOWS

False cloning

In GHOST reduction a partition, took a partition backup reduction to another partition, or will be a partition backup reduction to the whole plate, appear this kind of circumstance after diamond electronic data recovery center can also help you retrieve a data.

Circuit board damage

Due to external power supply circuit problems, or hard disk power failure, or itself circuit board quality problem, cause circuit board burn out, chip breakdown, etc, this kind of circumstance recovery is relatively easy, but some circuit boards BIOS chip burn out, repair, difficulty is great even can't recover. This kind

Firmware damage

Hard disk firmware is simply the hard disk factory information. Including the positioning information, defect list, hard disk parameters, drive module, etc. For some reason lead to the firmware is lost or damaged, the hard disk, speaking, reading and writing errors, illegal identification and so on, this kind of situation without opening